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Mighty Raju Space Race is all about how Mighty Raju has stopped the destruction ofthe space station from Karaati’s, which was established in space by Prof. Swamy and his team. This super exciting and adventure movie, which provides lots of entertainment to children at the same time they come to know about the space in a way, boosts their knowledge.

Aha streaming the Mighty Raju Space Race

Genre: Cartoon

Duration: 65 minss

Language: Telugu

Watchable devices: The movie is available to watch on all supported devices.

Animated Characters: ChhotaBheem, Ganesh, Raju, chutki, Jaggu, Kalia, DholuBholu

Director: Rajeev Chilaka

Producer: Rajeev Chilaka

Music Director: Sunil Kaushik.

Mighty Raju Space Race – One of the best cartoon movies online

The story is about Swamy, who is the father of mighty Raju is also an astronaut who was preparing to travel to space with his crew as everything was set and the spaceship was launched and started the journey towards space, suddenly they notice an airplane was coming their way to a collision, and the crew in the spaceship were tensed and here comes the superhero Mighty Raju who diverts the airplane direction away from the spaceship which makes everyone relieved and they continue their journey to space.

In between the journey, they come across another hurdle in the form of an asteroid where the crew will escape narrowly from the asteroid, comfortably reach space. Swamy had designed a super com Robo to protect spaceship in space.

Commissioner from Arya Nagar space station decides to test the potential of super com Robo and sends missiles in the process. Super com Robo successfully destroys the missiles, later the commissioner sends Mighty Raju towards super com, and the Robo fails in destroying Mighty Raju.

This gave a chance to Karati to hack super com Robo to act against Swamy and his crew in a spaceship. Eventually,Karati brings the spaceship under his control. Did the Karati destroy the spaceship? How Mighty is Raju going to protect the spaceship?

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  1. Sidheshwar Shukla and Arpan Sarkar have created wonderful animations where children go crazy, watching their amazing work on screen.
  2. The title songs composed by Sunil Kaushik are very catchy and soothing.
  3. Watching this movie doesn’t just provide entertainment, but also provides a good amount of knowledge to children.
  4. Super com Robo’s role had been designed very well by director Rajeev Chilaka which is one of the major highlights of the movie.
  5. Rajeev chilaka had once again proves his skill by providing the story of the adventures which will thoroughly be enjoyed by kids


Aha streaming this Mighty Raju Space Race, a cartoon movie and has the concept of an adventure of a group of astronauts traveling to space in their very own spaceship, what are hurdles they come across in the process of traveling to space, how Mighty Raju helped the astronauts crew to escape the initial obstacle, later the super com Robo designed by Swamy was hacked by karati and used it against the crew to take complete control over the spaceship. Watch kids movies online!

How did the astronauts fix the Robo? Did Mighty Raju rescue them from Karati? All these factors make Mighty Raju Space Race one of the must-watch cartoon movies online.

Watch the Mighty Raju Space Race today!