5 Top Tips to Speed Up Your Recovery After Exercise

As Coronavirus measures begin to ease and governments allow people to enter gyms again, it might have felt like a decade since you did your last proper workout. This means you’ll spend longer to recover as you get used to your workout routine again.

The recovery period after your workout is just as important as the actual workout routine that you have in order to make progress with your fitness goals. Surprisingly, however, many people go to the gym without having a recovery routine once they workout. Doing so can be beneficial for muscle and tissue repair. This is why you should consider these tips to speed up your recovery after you exercise.

Continue to drink your fluids

You shouldn’t stop drinking your fluids even after you’ve completed your workout routine. You would have lost plenty of fluids throughout your workout right until the last minute when you stopped. Continue to drink fluids, ideally water, after your workout so your body can recoup all the fluid it’s lost and have you rehydrated for your next workout routine. This is particularly important for individuals who sustained longer periods of working out.

Stretch after your workout

Many people seem to forget how important stretching is after your workout. It’s a simple and easy way for your muscles to recover following an exhausting workout. This is because it prevents delayed on-set muscle soreness (DOMS) which is a common occurrence after exercise. A simple 10-minute stretch after your workout helps to relax your muscles and keep the blood flowing throughout your body. Ensure you include this part in your workout routine.

Sleep properly

It’s amazing the amount of recovery your body goes through whilst it sleeps. Getting enough sleep in the evening can help your body to heal and repair after a hard day’s work. This will enable your growth hormones to release and allow your body to repair the tissue and muscles that have been working hard. You’re likely to feel tired anyway, so don’t stop yourself from getting the rest that your body needs.

Get enough vitamins and minerals in your diet

Eating a well-balanced diet can ensure you have enough fuel to get you through your workouts but also aid your recovery steps. If you struggle to gain the correct minerals and vitamins in your normal diet, whether it’s due to lifestyle choice or other external factors, supplements are a great way to get these into your diet. Magnesium tablets and probiotic supplements are a great way to keep you healthy and get the correct nutrients you need for exercise.