Rebuilding Businesses Architectures After COVID-19

COVID 19 has been the most groundbreaking variable within businesses in the past couple of months. With companies going through big recessions in the recent past and dozens of businesses struggling in understanding what the future may look like, analysts and business dev people are looking into what the future of business would look like in a post-COVID-19 world.

The Digitalisation: Forced, But For A Good Reason

When the lockdown was announced in pretty much every single country in the world, the businesses who were relying on a number of different architectures (i.e. shops, customer services and others) in physical forms, saw a net collapse in incomes. According to Deloitte, which put together a great report on the pandemic’s situation “Ensuring business continuity is one of the highest priorities for every company, and in these days, many may be forced to cut costs. If they do so, however, they should not lose sight of the long- term implications of the crisis. Once the situation has been stabilized, companies must rethink their digitization strategy and put measures in place that establish sustainability for future challenges to come.” It’s safe to say that sectors like commercial property management or anything related to commercial estate agents will embrace what said above.

Going Mobile: Cause On The Move Is Mandatory

Mobile technologies have seen a net increase in awareness and availability in the past couple of years. There are tons of businesses who went from pure web-based architectures to mobile-related ones. That’s because, in the past 3 years, mobile traffic has peaked at over 58% of the world’s traffic. Many companies, during this pandemic, have started to develop important pieces of tech which they then used to outscale their competitors whilst the virus was killing thousands and thousands of businesses. Mobile is the present but also the future of a business world which works with data and with, most importantly, users that are looking for the right product at the right time.

To Conclude

Covid 19 has definitely been something which will historically be remembered as an economic and cultural shock for the western culture and for businesses overall. It’s important to understand that the future of businesses, after this global pandemic, will most definitely be tech-related with a number of different strategies and developments. This is a great chance for the tech enthusiast to approach different business ventures, given the fact that pretty much every field will open to such IT-revolutions.