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ROPS & Sweeps, AS IS. Dor moot Equipment 531-9700 DRESSER-double mirror, $50, chest, $50, 469-1224 DRYER and so on $75; BUFFET dining rm. 2 In 1746 and 1747 Escandon personally inspected the nation to Bancroft, Mexico, III, 332- 342; Reconocimiento del Seno Mearicano Hecho por el Teniente de Capn. To the members of the general Consultation who may meet on the 15th Immediate,” but no place is indicated where they are anticipated to fulfill. 2 It was unquestionably despatched to San Felipe. Three Was it additionally despatched to Washington? A small variety of delegates gathered at Washington concerning the time fastened for the consultation meeting. The following letter was written by Mina on their method thither: At Coke’s Oct seventeenth, 1835 To the members of The “Genl session” &c. At San Felipe The delegates from the Municipality of Mina have constructive in- structions from their constituents to fulfill in “consultation,” at Washington on Brazos we count on to be at that place this night, where we shall stay until we hear farther from San Felipe and from Mina They are persuaded that the residents of Mina will never approve of holding the “session” at San Felipe for many rea- sons however extra particularly as Washington was first named & recom- mended as the place of meeting The folks of Columbia took the lead & I presume will count on to meet there The citizens of Washington, we’re informed, have made very ample preparations, at a large expense, for accommodating the delegates The confi- dence, which has produced such leads to our minds, should be revered We shall anticipate to hear quickly from you that we might decide whether to remain, or to return to our homes Very respectfully &c D. C. Barrett B. Manlove P. S. The opposite delegates from Mina now in the colonial army have been notified of their election & place of Assembly four The following doc, which unfortunately bears no date, will telegraph, October 17, 1835. Consultations Papers MS. All MSS. to which references are made are on file in the Texas State Library, unless otherwise said. “Tackle of Basic Council to Folks of Texas, October 18, 1835, in Telegraph, October 26, 1835. Session Papers MS. The Svat of Government of Texas.

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